Head right to the game business and programmers and also request screening jobs. Given that they aren’t looking for you, the only rational action is to proactively look for them. As soon as you locate them (which shouldn't take as well long), make an application for a game tester position with them and after that repeat the procedure for as various business as humanly possible. As well as if you want to assist your cause even additionally, create a website/blog that talks about video games, gives reviews, sneak peeks, cheats, hints, tips, etc. You need to bear in mind that experience as well as expertise count for a lot in this industry. Therefore, the more experience you have and also the extra expert you are, the far better your opportunities are for getting a video game tester task. Step 2: Step Out of Fairytale Land and Into Reality You need to understand that computer game screening is a job. This implies that you need to treat it because of this as well as take every component of it seriously. Take a seat and also play the video game to ensure that you can collect an income when you’re through. Many “wanna-be” testers think that being a specialist computer game tester is a “no job, all play” type of profession. Truthfully, they could not be more incorrect. Although there aren’t substantial quantities of job that a video game tester have to wade through, there are still a couple of things that he/she has to complete. Shocked? Well, most hopeful young testers are when they listen to that there is real job included with video game screening. In contrast to what you may have thought, you won't be merely playing video games and offering your point of view on whether they are excellent or otherwise. You will actually be testing them. You will play via a game, locate any type of insects or glitches, and after that complete reports on any problems that you encounter. This is to assist the developers and also designers locate and also deal with those troubles. Aside from the reports, you will also be required to complete countless surveys; which are commonly viewpoint based.