Video gaming laptop computer is what game fans are trying to find. We know gamers are located of tools like Sony PlayStation and mobile pc gaming consoles. This is the benefit you obtain with a gaming notebook. It is not true because most of the note pads that are specially designed for gaming come with high-end equipment requirements that not only allows you to take pleasure in new 3D games but additionally the video games that are mosting likely to launched in the near future. HP Envy 14-111ONR HP Envy is among the excellent laptop computers created by HP. The best feature of this system it not just looks appealing yet it additionally priced well. The features of this system will really make you purchase this system. The Intel core i5-460M CPU provides a rate of 2. The system features 2 x 2 GB( 4GB)of DDR3 RAM and also you can add up to 8 GB of RAM on this system. 5 inch hd LED display screen. The Samsung RF510-501 is one good looking laptop computer that operates on 2. 4 GHz Intel Core i5-450M. The Nvidia GeForce video card features 1 GB of video clip memory. The 15 inch display screen along with Nvidia GeForce GT graphics card( 256MB of video clip memory), it stands out to be a gaming pleasant notebook. 8 GHz.