It has 50mm speakers and the sound has extensively clean highs as well as deep lows. Access to the volume as well as bass are simple to reach because of the in-line amplifier. The different links for the line signal and mic makes the X12 a wonderful pair of earphones for playing PC computer game. The X12 is the next generation of the best selling XBOX gaming headset, the X11, which brings the 50 mm speakers as well as adjustable bass. The phenomenal high quality of audio offers the X12 an advantage over various other audio speakers. You will certainly listen to points with the X12 that will certainly be skipped when taking advantage of traditional speakers. You will be able to really quickly hear the noise of footsteps or the noise of a tool being filled from a distance. If you want the very best sound high quality for your video gaming, you will be completely excited with the X12. You won't require to fret about batteries or an extra wire from A/C adapters due to the fact that these Xbox 360 headsets get its power from the USB link. The mic is excellent at getting mumbles and murmurs which is one the major reasons it is quite prominent. The headsets aren’t noise canceling yet the outdoors sound is considerably lowered. There’s a sign if the mute is on or otherwise. If you play great deals of video games, you’ll most definitely enjoy the high quality and also convenience of the X12.