What is the difference between a normal and also an aqua chaise lounge? Water loungers are extra very closely akin to the outdoor seats as a whole in its ability to be waterproof. These floating seats are made from blow up plastic, usually PVC vinyl that is resilient and will not easily tear. Also, there is undoubtedly no requirement for legs of any kind on a seat which relaxes atop the water. Some of these also have cutouts for feet, so you can pick to immerse your legs at will. Some chaise loungers are in fact portable variations and look even more like chairs. Versions range from around $20 to $50+ for fancier styles that includes cup owners, flip leading headrests, rear-support arm chamber as well as other bells and whistles. They are generally by hand inflated or you can use a bike pump, as well as come with non-scratch safety shutoffs and a fast deflate feature. Chaise loungers precede? Maybe one day. One action each time.