Simply picture on your own not having hair? Exactly how would it be? I guess it would certainly be one of the most awkward thing ever. Individuals invest millions of cash each year in trying to keep the hair. That shows the command of human hair and its relevance to an individual life. We at the lounge, treasure every part of the hair as crucial as it is. As a result, we offer a wide variety of hair solutions from hair conditioning to hair extension. This improves growth of new hair there the old hair regenerates to restore the charm in it. Shampooing of HairThis is the washing of hair with unique soap that leaves the freshness desired in the hair. Hair conditioning This is improving the texture and also look of the hair to highlight the naturalness in it and also keep the condition of the hair. Hair moisturizingThis is softening of the hair by use of heavy steam as well as other products to enhance as well as make the hair flexible.