On the 51st flooring of the Rio Resort as well as Online Casino in Las Las vega stays the Voodoo Lounge. You can notice the stress of the casino activity as you near the Masquerade Village area of the Rio. This is the location of the resort where you will certainly discover the lift entryway to the Voodoo Lounge. As an outcome of the Voodoo Lounge being just one of the most prominent lounges in Las Las vega a waiting line generally creates to ride the elevator as much as the leading floor of the Rio hotel tower. To miss the line simply flash a Las Vegas VIP club or line pass and also you can enter the elevator immediately without a delay. A popular activity of those who must wait for the lift is to review the costs of fare of the Voodoo Steak dining establishment that is uploaded on the wall surface adjacent to the elevator gain access to. The Voodoo Steak is situated on the 50th floor simply below the lounge. The walls of the corridor are lined with voodoo type art. As you enter the lounge the candle themed design gives a sense the voodoo magic is being performed by the bartenders as they mix their potions prior to offering them to the guests. A designated dance floor is not sectioned off inside the lounge. However, many generally make due with whatever room is readily available. However, the outdoor patio area of the lounge is where the voodoo attraction begins. The outside area of the Voodoo Lounge Rio has a bar as well as a DJ rotating top 40 or hip-hop to maintain things moving. The lounge is not influenced by any particular age group and anybody can go to without feeling out of place or uneasy.